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I am an Indie Game Developer that will not stop trying to make creative games, And I will do it .


My New Android game

it is a simple, difficult and unexpected game, why is it simple? It only depends on the speed of your intuition You will be besieged from all sides , and Ninja Stars will be thrown in you and other things with no mercy , some help will come from friends such as shields and slow time.


My name is Yasser Bader I am an independent game developer from Libya. Born in 1995, I attended the Faculty of Computer Engineering. I have good experience with 3D design and programming. I do almost everything (programming, design, sfx ,marketing ...etc). This is very difficult and takes most of my time. But I have to work hard "No glory without sacrifice.", My goal is simple: Combine Unique Graphics And unique Gameplay .
"Photographer "Mahmod Eddwaily


  • New Al Bayda, Al Bayda, Jabal al Akhdar District, Libya

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